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Dog Training

When you get a new canine – whether puppy or adult, breeder-raised or rescue, you need to take a Training Class! Even if your dog isn’t new, but needs some manners and a chance to interact with people and other dogs, you can get all the help you need at Paws Inn.

Make dog training fun for your dog and the family!

Dogs who are 16 weeks of age and under when they start the Levels Training course must start at the Puppy Level. Dogs who are over 16 weeks at the start of training will start at Level 1.

New Dogs welcomed into the training program on a regular basis.

Beginner & S.T.A.R. Puppy Group Levels Balance & Fitness

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Training Classes

Classes at Paws Inn Resort & Training are kept small enough to ensure you will get individual attention from the trainer as needed.

Our training philosophy is positive-based with an emphasis on building a relationship between your dog and your family.

Group classes provide socializing with people and other dogs and give opportunities to learn and adapt to new situations.

Strengthening communication with your dog will also increase cooperation and obedience.

Award-Winning Paws Inn trainers have 50+ years of combined experience!

Dog Training at Paws Inn Resort & Training


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