Pets are family . . . that’s what it’s all about at Paws Inn Training, a family-owned dog training facility in New Germany. Located just west of the Twin Cities, and staffed with incredibly experienced and educated training instructors, the Paws Inn Training Facility is the ideal location for you and your dog to learn and grow together.

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Paws Inn Training cares about the health and well-being of your pet. We use safe, chemical-free cleaners and essential oils to provide a low-stress environment ideal for learning and building relationships between dogs and their people. Our instructors are experts, and our model allows each dog to proceed at the pace which fits their personality and learning style.

Here’s what our clients say:

  • We Love Paws Inn training. Our 2 dogs a husky and German shepherd , and myself have been through training classes and I have learned so much! We are so grateful! . So worth it to continue on with training. Gives you confidence in knowing how they will usually respond when meeting other people and their dogs. And our pets deserve the best training and knowledge. We didn’t stop learning at kindergarten- so Why should our dogs. We are so proud of our dogs when we travel and people tell us how well behaved they are. They are 5 now and We couldn’t of done this without paws inn staff and their love of dogs and teaching us how to have obedient pets.

  • Without Paws Inn training classes my former border collie Hobo would never have grown into the well-behaved, reliable companion that he was. Now my new border collie puppy Ted is making the same transformation after being in Paws Inn Training classes from the beginning. Ted is even more of a handful than Hobo was, and Madi and Jodi have tailored the classes to meet his needs, which I really appreciate and don’t think happens at other training facilities. Thank you Paws Inn Resort!!

    – Joni

  • We enjoyed your K9 balance class.  This class gave us the opportunity to further our relationship with our dog, Violet.  We benefit greatly from the continued trainings at Paws Inn to keep our dogs (and us) engaged in positive behaviors.  The stretches and exercises helped us gain strategies for both our dog’s physical well being.  We enjoy how personal all your classes are and help us enjoy our relationship with our dogs.  Thank you!

    – Becca 

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my puppy class. I thought everything was very well explained and Bella and I learned so much. I look forward to my next level 1 class. I especially enjoyed the night that the quality of dog foods was explained. I believe every aspect of owning a puppy and properly taking care of it was covered very well from vaccinations to proper diet to microchipping or a pet id.

    Thank you so much!

    – Laura

  • I honestly can’t imagine what we’d do without this pet store in town! Our animals (cat & dog) need all the product categories all the time — food, toys, supplements, leashes, chewers, and even puppy training. It’s amazing to have such friendly and knowledgeable staff willing to help every time we stop in. Thank you Paws Inn!!

    – Heidi N.


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