Cat Boarding

Boarding for Cats

We focus on providing a “home away from home” for our feline guests. We strive to keep the stress level of being in a new environment to an absolute minimum. As a cat owner, you realize that how this is accomplished is going to be ultimately up to the cat. Some cats need lots of cuddles, attention and soothing words of reassurance. Others want to be left alone to get used to their new environment. We will make sure that your cat gets the care they need!

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Please Bring

Food & Feeding Instructions
Bring enough food for your pet’s stay, plus extra in case you are delayed returning. Stainless steel DISHES PROVIDED.

Favorite Bedding and Toys
The familiar scent will help make your pet feel more comfortable.

Proof of Vaccination
Rabies, Distemper. Exceptions made for elderly animals or special situations. Feline Leukemia suggested.

Medications/Supplements and Dosage Instructions
For convenience and accuracy, please separate pills into daily doses and include original med container.

Is your pet on special medication?
We can still accommodate you but an extra charge of $5.00 per day will be added if it falls into one of these categories:

  • Diabetes shots and blood sugar testing
  • Meds administered at exact times, at night, or more than 3x a day
  • Wounds or medical conditions requiring extra care
Cat Boarding

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