Group Levels Training

A New Approach to Training

Cost: $199 for an 8-week Paws Inn Resort Membership

Welcome to a completely new and innovative approach to group training for you and your canine buddy! 

In the past, group training courses were taught in a group environment with a predetermined course outline to be completed in a set number of weeks.  This approach gave little thought to the fact that dogs and their handlers learn at individual paces and require different approaches to learning based on personality and learning curves/styles.  It was in this typical training setting that we found that dogs who excelled at certain skills/tasks quickly became bored while waiting for others to catch up and dogs/handlers who needed a little more time became frustrated or disappointed with their progress and often gave up prematurely.  So, we created Levels Training, and here’s how it works!!

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Here’s How Levels Training Works

With the purchase of an 8-week Training Membership, you can get the training and support that you need to succeed with your dog at the pace that is best suited to you. 

It all begins with an Orientation presentation sent to you via email the week prior to attending the first session.  This Orientation explains some of the basics of what we will be doing in class and reviewing some of the training techniques that will be used during the next 8 weeks of training.  Training classes are held each week and when you and your furry friend are able to successfully complete the criteria needed to advance, you go to the next level.  Some teams may spend several weeks learning and practicing the skills needed to advance and some dogs might advance more quickly to the next level.  If you miss a week, you won’t fall behind and if you would like to train more than once a week as you advance through the Levels, that’s okay too! Training time is spent learning and practicing these skills.

When a Level is successfully completed, you are more than welcome to join in on the training class for your current Level and the Level that you most recently completed.  For example, if you and your pup have completed Level 1 and have moved onto Level 2, you are free to come to class during any Level 1 or Level 2 time slot. This means you could be training one or two times each week with a professional trainer to really help to set those skills in place.  Remember, practice makes permanent!

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Group Levels Training

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