Balance & Fitness Training

Canine Fitness Training

For dogs 5 months and older. Must have attended one prior PIR Class.

Cost: $199

Physical activity is the cornerstone for keeping muscles and joints functioning and all systems working together for both human and canine athletes.  This is where balance products and indoor Dog Treadmills are useful tools and help canine fitness be more attainable.

Learn about techniques and tools that help with canine fitness. Topics include:

  • Proper warming up & cooling down
  • Balance, flexibility, coordination & confidence
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Achieving mental focus
  • Injury prevention for runners and dog sports (agility, herding, flyball, dock diving, retrieving, hunting, etc.)
  • Creating a program that you can do at home
boarding for dogs

Who would benefit from Balance & Fitness Training:

  • Dogs who have extra energy without jobs
  • Active dogs (in sports)
  • Hunting & retrieving dogs (help prevent injuries)
  • Couch potatoes

One hour session, once a week, for six weeks

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Balance & Fitness Training

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