Paws Inn Resort Memberships

“Sirius” is also known as the “dog star” and is the brightest star in Earth’s night sky. We truly believe that our boarders are the brightest stars. So, we are offering our clients the opportunity to become exclusive Paws Inn Resort “Sirius Members.”

Paws Inn Resort is a semi-private dog boarding facility. Similar to a private golf club, we focus on providing services to a smaller membership base rather than the public in general. It is “semi-private” because we still accept boarding clients who are not members during off-peak times of the year.

Why is Paws Inn Resort semi-private rather than public?

Our goal has always been to provide extremely high quality services and personal care to your pets. By catering to a group of members rather than the general public, we continue to offer specialized, loving care along with a guarantee of availability to our most loyal customers. It is our hope that this will, in turn, relieve the stress of finding care for their pets when they need to be away. It makes our planning easier and, because we are extremely familiar with our member dogs, it allows us to set up play groups, enrichment activities, specialized training, etc. that best meet the needs of our guests.

How does membership work?

We have two levels of membership: the Sirius Platinum Membership and the Sirius Silver Membership.

Sirius Platinum Membership

Sirius Platinum Membership

With the Platinum Membership, one of our rooms is always reserved for your dog and is available for you to use at any time, all year. We always have space for our Platinum Members. Even last minute. Even same day. Platinum Members can choose which room will be theirs and can even decorate it, furnish it, and leave special toys in it. No other dog will be in that room.

Platinum members receive a complementary Storytime and Tuck-in Treat each night, 1 Enrichment Session and a picture and update at the end of each stay.

A Platinum Membership costs $2000 per year or $160/month billed monthly. Membership runs from May to May and renewal occurs in April. Standard boarding fees apply.

Sirius Silver Membership

Sirius Silver Membership

Sirius Silver Members are allowed to book during our peak times and, if all our rooms are booked, are added to our priority waitlist. Unlike the Platinum Membership, space for you is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Silver members receive a complementary Storytime each night and 1 Enrichment Session each stay.

A Silver Membership costs $500 per year or $60/month billed monthly. Membership runs from May to May and renewal occurs in April. Standard boarding fees apply.

Apply Now to Become a Member!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete and submit our membership application. We will follow up with information about membership availability and our waitlist.

Download the Application

Our membership application is a fillable PDF form. Please download and complete the form, then send it to us at as an email attachment. 

Email Us Your Completed Application

If you are not interested in membership right now, and we can provide you with services during our non-peak times, we will be here for you as usual – just with limited availability. You can click here to view the calendar to see what days we will be open to the general public.

Semi-Private Memberships

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