Suspending Boarding Services

Dear Paws Inn Resort Family,

This is a difficult letter to write, but as of December 8th we will only be providing boarding services to our clients who currently have memberships with us. When the term of those memberships end on April 30th, we will be temporarily suspending boarding at Paws Inn Resort completely.

These past few years have been a period of tremendous change and our family found itself operating three successful businesses with boarding, training, and the retail store in Waconia. At the same time, our own family was going through changes – as families do – our kids were growing up and finding their own paths and we were gifted with grandchildren. When the pandemic brought more change, many of you welcomed new four-legged members into your families, and they needed supplies, training and, as travel resumed, boarding services were needed again. What we discovered, however, was what many businesses have faced…there was, and continues to be, a shortage of available employees. Providing boarding services at Paws Inn Resort requires employees to have in-depth training and a high level of detail to maintain the quality of services that we have always provided. The more dogs we board, the more highly trained, detail oriented, animal loving employees we need. So there is demand for our services at a time where we simply cannot find the resources to meet that demand – which is why we have made the very difficult choice to suspend boarding services as of December 8th. We say suspend because we plan to use the time to think creatively and search for ways we can provide quality boarding more efficiently.

At the same time, this decision allows us to focus our energy and resources on our other businesses – Paws Inn training classes and Paws Inn Pet Essentials in Waconia – which remain open and busy thanks to the commitment of our community to shop local. Thank you so very much! Jodi, Rick, Madi, Hayden, Marissa, and Mitch can all be found in the store at various times and Jodi and Madi are both experienced trainers who graduate training classes every few weeks.

To our many loyal, and loved, boarding clients…we know this decision impacts your lives and your family and we are deeply sorry. We promise we will look for ways to be able to provide boarding services again and we are so very grateful for your support and patronage over the past years.


Jodi Theis, owner


Suspending Boarding Services

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