Dog Boarding

Boarding for Dogs

Although we hate to be apart from our furry friends, they simply can’t be with us everywhere we have to go.  Taking your annual vacation? Going out of town on business? Hosting a party at your house? Going to visit the family for the weekend?  Whatever the reason your pet can’t be with you, we will do everything that we can to ensure that they are happy, healthy and well-loved the entire time that you’re apart.

We offer space for your dog to spend time indoors resting in climate-controlled comfort and also enjoy playtime outdoors in our spacious, grassy and turf yards. Your dog can play with compatible dog friends, or hang out alone if that’s more your dog’s style!

boarding for dogs
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Boarding

Please Bring

Food & Feeding Instructions
Bring enough food for your pet’s stay, plus extra in case you are delayed returning. DISHES PROVIDED.

Favorite Bedding and Toys
The familiar scent will help make your pet feel more comfortable. Note: some dogs may chew bedding and toys while away from home. Beds that come from home must be washable.

Proof of Vaccination
Rabies, Distemper. Exceptions made for elderly animals or special situations. Bordetella (kennel cough) or Feline Leukemia suggested.

Medications/Supplements and Dosage Instructions
For convenience and accuracy, please separate pills into daily doses and include original med container.

Is your pet on special medication?
We can still accommodate you but an extra charge of $5.00 per day will be added if it falls into one of these categories:

  • Diabetes shots and blood sugar testing
  • Meds administered at exact times, at night, or more than 3x a day
  • Wounds or medical conditions requiring extra care


Be Sure to Ask For

  • Special food or toys for your pet’s stay
  • Keep ‘Em Busy Treats
  • Polite Pup Program
  • Tail-Waggin’ Time
  • Bath/Grooming before your dog leaves

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Your Pet’s Schedule

Your dog will be out playing, sniffing and socializing in the morning as we prepare their breakfast starting between 6 – 7 am, then they go into their room (ideally in the company of some other appropriate playmate canines when possible) for breakfast until they come out for a mid-morning pee/stretch break. We do another pee/stretch break mid-afternoon until suppertime. After supper, they will have another session outside before being tucked in for bedtime. Then it’s lights out when they are all happy, settled and ready for bed. You supply the dog and the food.

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Dog Boarding

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